Company Culture

ACC is an enterprise that adheres to the belief that information creates wealth, innovation wins opportunities and transparency builds trust. Seek development in stability, lead the industry trend in development, and inherit the corporate spirit of legality, integrity, safety and enthusiasm. The Australian National Pavilion, which was authorized by the Australian Government to host the GIFIT9.8 CIFIT in 2013 and 2014, recommended Australian investment opportunities.

ACC people will work hard to give full play to the advantages of in-depth understanding of China and Australia's finance, economy, business, immigration policies and other aspects. With many years of rich experience, keen market insight and excellent operation plans, we will provide every customer with high quality and high efficiency. One-stop service.

Our leadership team: consists of highly educated individuals in economics, trade, management, etc. They have an average of more than 10 years of experience in corporate management. They not only master investment and financial expertise, but also have a wealth of channel resources to obtain cutting-edge information on the overseas real estate market.

Our sales team: consists of highly educated overseas returnees and professionals in the domestic real estate market. Most of them have rich overseas life and work experience, especially understanding of the economy and real estate market in Australia and other Commonwealth countries and other regions.